Magnets Stronger Than An n52

The question is, “Do magnets stronger than an n52 magnet  really exist?” That’s a very good question that deserves an answer. There are many kinds of magnets, but they all work on similar principles. In magnets there is a repulsive force between the magnets. The attraction forces are usually described as either electrostatic or nuclear. Now, we can add a little twist to this equation in terms of the strength of the magnets.

Magnets are made up of magnetic fields. We have all been told about how much better it is to hang a picture on your wall with a magnet placed above the picture. This magnet is acting as an electrostatic field that attracts the picture into the magnetic field. However, we know that the picture does not change when the magnet is moved from above to below.

So if we could somehow attach magnets to objects in the air where people could push the magnets to the objects we wanted to attract and then move them about so that they attracted the magnets, then we would have a magnetic field that would make the objects repel each other. What we would do is attach magnets to the poles of the poles, and then attach magnets to the opposite sides of the pole, and then so on. This kind of magnetic field would create a net effect, which would be the net force of attraction that would cause the objects to attract each other. It would be very nice to be able to put magnets onto airplanes and have them fly away, but magnets don’t move.

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